Beyond the Melting Dawn

by James Teague

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A vast, sonic wonderland of vivid textures and secret ruminations, mirroring the duality of day and night - the light and dark within.


released November 18, 2015

All songs written by James Teague
Engineered by Tony Dupé at the Abandoned Fireworks Factory
Mastered at Deluxe Mastering by Adam Dempsey

James Teague - vocals, acoustic & electric guitar
Jamie Canny - bass guitar, sax
Chris Liwanpo - electric guitar
Wesley Fuller - keys
Leonard Barker - drums
Shane Reilly - pedal steel guitar
Tony Dupé - bass clarinet, cello, percussion
Claire Deak - pump organ
Kiara Lindsay - cello
Dominic Lindsay - brass
Marlon Williams & Hannah Harding - backing vocals

Special thanks to Ben Edwards and William Langdale for extra tracking.

Artwork by Cherish Marrington -

Copyright © James Teague. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


James Teague Melbourne, Australia

...his music is as complex as the self; one moment whimsical and dreamy, with shades of 60s psychedelia and 70s progressive folk – the next, they’re wrought with mortal gloom and adorned with hints of jazz and howling blues. It’s difficult to describe Teague’s style, but it usually consists of unpredictable melodies that stray, intricate, dynamic arrangements and a soaring, vocal tremolo. ... more

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Track Name: Before the Lion Sleeps
heart held in abeyance
fear admonishes the fall
tentatively bargaining
your comfort for the call
in the sigh of silence
may the answers resonate
guiding you so freely
from this stifling arid plane

harness your love before the lion sleeps
lock your cage and hide the key

freeze the flailing arrow
as a rose bound by your bed
for drunken winged babies
tend to lurch when they’re misled
the joy of love is fleeting
seeping through crevice and crack
and all the dulcet daydreams
won’t make up for what you lack

harness your love before the lion sleeps
lock your cage and hide the key…

…is to shroud your signature relapse
all those times you gave your heart, now take it back

hush the howling lycan
cast his appetence aside
for you are only lonesome
when you pause to dry his eyes
lead now with devotion
to a land beyond the pale
you lived your life a spectre
cursed to watch behind the veil

harness your love before the lion sleeps
lock your cage and hide the key
Track Name: Your Heart is but a Well
my body caved
the majesty of space
decrypt my shell
fell as a feather
where the weather
brings a flower
to pacify
with all the time
clicking at our heals
I read your mind and
cried you a chasm
tore a spasm from your
brow with a sigh
no sense of fear
that inner child we maimed
shot through my ears
I heard him say
“your heart is but a well
if you dare to dive”

and that’s all I care to try
leave not a trace behind

with joy we fled
beyond the melting dawn
a flock of thoughts
sundered and scattered
all that mattered was the
love in our eyes
my friend or foe
in death we are as one
for all that grows
soon becomes seeded
or receded through the
yawing of time

and there’s nowhere we can hide
just feel my embrace and brave the night

oh the swelling of the tide
creeping in haste while we
waste our time
Track Name: Invention of Your Thoughts
I heard you went under
no one could revive your brazen teeth
the world brings no laughter
you suffer more than you choose to breathe
leave death at your bedside
his visage is not welcome in this dream
stand tall, boy, chin up now
you're only the invention of your thoughts

call a war
on every little fear
that you hide

sunk in and shut out of
your failures and the sunlight you seek
where is it you linger
all summer while all the wild birds roam free
even if you flee now
you're gloom-bound till you swallow the whale
her eyes long and whisper
to summon that old flame that you let die

call to life
all of the weather lines
that you hide

centuries of languid sorrow
all boil down to a moment of truth
and it swells from your chest
what a mess we have made

time moves you in swallows
mind to mind and a heart full with thread
the years will embrace you
no slumber deep enough for your bed
patience is the crown of
all golden men and women on their knees
drawn nearer, our Mother
who beckons, we the soldiers of the Earth

you're no worse
than anybody else
in this life
Track Name: Celestial Waltz
every single breath that I take
is a blessing I have shamed
but I know that it's hard to
count every star
so I'll take my book, sit by the shore
and remind myself we're all
merely symbols in an equation
we can never comprehend
maybe if the moon and the sun could
combine to form as one
do you think that it would shed a
brand new light on everyone
and pull us up into the air
into the atmosphere we share;
a reverberating choir -
a single living cell

is this just some callow vision
to conciliate a cause lost in time
I'd rather be floating - feigning
till a lustrous orb expels from the sky

if we were to leave, bid farewell
disappear within ourselves
would we tumble into darkness
or be filled with endless love
holding onto all that is true
all the miracles that fuel
our baffling existence
the hunger behind the kill
and no one is alone, we coincide
we share our struggles and desires
but in spite of this bond we're
still the culprits of our disdain
and as our knowledge ripens with our bones
our hearts contract and grow cold
in the midst of constant war,
famine and mute resolve

so if there's some hallowed rendition
may our siblings sweep and sashay as one
oh, the eternal transition - as she plucks her
wings, not in spite or scorn - thence reborn
Track Name: Heaven
heaven was a place I came to unfold
from the prison of my youth and a thousand lies of old
a golden crucifix to nail to my wings
does a child ever question the praises that he sings

the answer is followed closely by a shattered light bulb
moonlight emerges and lets the spirit go...

ripening youth evolves upon an oak pew
as the Father promulgates his sermon to the blue
men professing love with words that slay peace
now I'm writhing from within my universe deceased

this feeling it smothers every inch of me in doubt
plead with my shadow to just let this spirit go...

heaven was a place I came to unhinge
for a child soon must question the praises that he sings

the answer is falling taking shape as it drops
tears down the curtains and lets the spirit go...
Track Name: Live Free / Die Alone
did you call my name
this rain beats down like a drum
mad men fall from grace
displaced and memory undone
the breath of rising dole
my soul, it cowers in vain
will I fall in line
or grind the earth whence I came

caught in an insect daze
with praise you march me along
six legs a soldier's pose
who knows where dreamers belong

live free
die alone

mother, do I have what it takes
to live or will I fall

each year hope imbues
new memories I will implant
I’ll never let you go
oh misery my confidant

live free
die alone
Track Name: In the Form of a Raging Silence
dust fills my bones
and the moon looms like an ulcer
oh, I've been afraid of that
weeping restless child

we're swallowed by the sky
and her mouth is foetal darkness
shedding my sorrow in the
form of a raging silence

terror strikes a match
now my ears are bleeding backwards
the years did contrive to
embellish every doubt

Lord who hangs above
sliced asunder I beseech thee
strip from me now every
blemish in my blood

shifting this state of being
I’m growing up and out of my mind
well if there’s someone out there
just give me a sign

can you feel the noise
'neath your mask of poise
till you've found your place of rest
smoke the demons from your chest
can you feel the breath
beating down your neck
deep within that hole you dwell
self estranged, so far from help
can you hold your head
wailing for your bread
a sweet lament for all your kin
sharp as the daggers of your sin
that gently burns
feel them burn
Track Name: Fiend Encaged
stench of the idle
waiting to feel something
kneel to your rivals
phantoms that breathe your name
grip like an island
escape is a frozen flame
disillusion dissolves- brooding
carving the seal of fate

will you fall victim to your unrest?
fiend encaged...

cradle the fire
tend to the dying blaze
the path is a feeling
of light, illuming acid rain
hearken, the cry of
hours melting into days
crackle like embers sighing,
then silently dissipate

come the night will you resign?
fiend encaged...

sirens that shiver
dissonance beyond the grave
dolorous river
stream of the subconscious slave
dawn greets your fever
ambushing the rest you crave
your mind implodes- the wind whistling
cursed hymns to seal your fate

should you plunge, hold fast to your name
fiend encaged...
Track Name: Lost in Your Eyes
I don’t even know if I’m coming or going
anywhere I go, my feet are imposing
how am I to know if I’m loving or leaving
guess it doesn’t show, but it’s all i’ve been
searching, craving, waiting around for

feeling so cold
still young, so I’m told
but time’s taking hold and
I’m lost in your eyes

I am well aware of the concept of living
yet I sit and stare at the cracks in my ceiling
one foot in the air and the other pinned down
why do I even care where it is I am bound for
crowned for, carving a sound for

feeling so cold
still young, so I’m told
but time’s taking hold and
I’m lost in your eyes

yesterday, all that I’d been dreaming about
was your love…

oh, I can feel you aching
all we have is our love
so let’s ride it out
Track Name: When the World Divides
drape your head in scorn
retrograded form
foreign flakes upon your face
whither with the storm

oh, you know you’re the only one to blame
you should be afraid when the world divides

the rhythm of the leaves
embroiled in rancour seas
portends a crescent gloom
an inkling in the breeze

you’ve exhausted all you’ve had to gain
will it all be in vain when the world divides
your conscience bears a bier
cradling a corpse of fear
like the sun, at dusk you fall
beneath the sunken sphere

now watch as your skeleton decays and your
soul hangs in shame when the world divides