Lavender Prayers

by James Teague

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released March 16, 2012

All songs written, arranged and produced by James Teague

Recorded by Donovan De Souza at Pemberton Mill Hall

Mixed by Melvin Tree at The Treehouse and Laurie McCallum at Sumo Studios

Mastered by Simon Struthers at Forensic Audio Mastering

Contributing musicians:

Andrew Williams- bass, backing vocals
John Brown- drums, bongo, backing vocals
Michael Nutt- Hammond organ, keys, electric sitar
Jake Chaloner- guitar, assistant engineer
David Craft- banjo
Jesse Woodward- mandolin, violin
Tristan Parr- cello
Lyndon Blue- violin
Andy Hopkins- guitar
Nathalie Pavlovic- backing vocals

Artwork by Luisa Hansal
Design by Leigh Craft



all rights reserved


James Teague Melbourne, Australia

...his music is as complex as the self; one moment whimsical and dreamy, with shades of 60s psychedelia and 70s progressive folk – the next, they’re wrought with mortal gloom and adorned with hints of jazz and howling blues. It’s difficult to describe Teague’s style, but it usually consists of unpredictable melodies that stray, intricate, dynamic arrangements and a soaring, vocal tremolo. ... more

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Track Name: Strange Birds
Frail and sombre lover
Why must you displease
Your love was like the fire
Now it’s taunted by the breeze

Frightening fickle forest
I planted all your seeds
But you spat me out when strange birds
Came to nest amongst your leaves

I had my heart set on you…

Tiny little critters
Feeding from my hand
Your affection is superficial
But your loyalty is grand

Solid like the fortress
That was built out of dismay
You will stand transfixed before me
Beaten at your game

I had my heart set on you…
Track Name: Grains of Sand
Turning tables and reversing chairs
Lights on the ground floor in the air
I can't seem to see straight the room’s a glow
Feeling nauseous and I'm losing you
In a hateful haze too dense to walk through
And it's been so long that I've felt this low

So I'll get back up on my feet
Rip the leeches from my knees
Cos I'm sick of letting them
Have their way with me

Building bridges then I'm tearing them down
I'm never satisfied with what I've found
I just can't let go of this crazy dream
Where life's luggin' by in black and white
'Til I meet this one that blows my mind with
A myriad of colours a tapestry

Then into the air we bounce
To a place we can't pronounce
Leaving psychedelic
Trails of ecstasy

Don't got the money and I don't got the time
To lay down my path on beer and red wine
These days it's all responsibility
Where will you go and what ever will you do
With an empty bank account and no shoes
These people must love mediocrity

One day I'll pack my bags
Fill up my draws with grains of sand
And no one will have a clue
Where to look for me

All these people where the same blank expression
Won't someone show me the exit sign

Before my soul leaves this plain
And my shell disintegrates
And my brain becomes enslaved
And you all forget my name
I'm gonna be a part of something revolutionary
Cos a tree's just a plant if it doesn't keep us breathing
And the sun's just a star if it doesn't let the light in
Track Name: Where Sorrow is Forgotten (In the Great Divine)
The other day I burnt a hole inside my brain and now this pain just won’t subside
Well I think my mind's a-grieving it witnessed something so surreal the perfect ride
It was then I knew the answers to every question every doubt that stirred my insides
I felt whole for that one night just like God on the seventh day all filled with pride

And now all I am is lost
Waiting for some kind of sign
From the great divine

Running frantic circles like a blind man all misplaced without his cane
While this lady’s in a dumpster telling tall tales of her prime back in the day
I said love you’ve got it rough why don’t you pick yourself right up out of this waste
She said son you’ve got it wrong this shanty is my home at least I know my place

And it hit me like a rock
Thrown from somewhere from above
From the great divine

Frozen in time
Locked away up in the sky
In the great divine

Secrets we have left behind
In the great divine
I are you and you are I
In the great divine
Puzzle pieces all aligned
In the great divine

Where sorrow is forgotten
Track Name: Misplaced Soul
Shaking convulsively on that hell I call my balcony
I will die tonight a flask of whiskey by my side
She looked at me with a sad kind of sympathy

It’s been long enough to love but not quite long enough to lose her
Now I’m fighting back a bed of tears

Body buried in cement mouth sewed shut thoughts that torment
And I am wasting away like some repressed dream
We share our roles of the martyr and the misplaced soul

And I’m hanging by a thread waiting on my enchantress
To come and alleviate

Dejected and in denial a jury of clowns judge a heart on trial
Well I am innocent don’t lock me up to rust and rot
And it’s so obscene when you’re surrounded but no one hears your screams

And I’m dying to break free from this hold you’ve got on me
But it tightens every time I pull

This curse never ceases to surprise
Well it crawls and creeps up behind
Every time…
Track Name: Like a Lucid Dream
One autumn night you tripped over my heart
Caught by surprise
For I did not expect to be bound by your spell
You wrote ten digits on my hand
Who could've guessed that patch of ink would
Seep into my pores and find its home

All the pallid walls ignite
They turn to gold before my eyes

We made a tryst among the walking dead
Your eyes were grey
Wounded by your dismal disposition
But your hands resembled that of grace
And your charm well it rendered me as
Smitten as a kitten with his ball of yarn

The weather in my head has cleared
Sun shining from my ears...

A mutual friend was once my enemy
She was disguised
As a devilish reaper praying upon the vulnerable and the meek
But her motives never showed
For every scourge that stung was another little nudge
Towards the truth that I've been searching for

Your cherry fingernails induce
The kinda joy I can't refuse

Within your trust I've stumbled on a cellar door
It's where you store all your pain like aging wine
Well that just don't work no that bitterness won't fade
So won't you let me poor all your ailments down the drain

Living like a lucid dream
We'll sail to Venice live at sea
Track Name: Down the Spirally Snakes Canal
Spring in my hair exuding pollen
Lavender prayers reprieve from boredom
I will walk on the air and you my love shall attend
Once we’re woken to find this merciful dream was a scheme set by powers unknown

Then it’s down the spirally snakes canal
Into a dark omniscient hole

Microscope eyes exposing wonder
Bugs main and might extracting boulders
Mountains are moved with your will and rain drops are frozen and stilled
Once the spell has expired the tears that’ve seared from within will then make themselves known

Then it’s down the spirally snakes canal
Into a cave of languid waste

The graves are aligned now moribund misery
Frivolously floating in rapturous reverie
Contemplating the marvel of fortune that falls at our feet
When the drought surely comes the sun his esurient smile will then conquer the throne

Then it’s down the spirally snakes canal
But it’s all a hoax some elaborate smoke

Gliding over the clouds with seasoned eyes
The sky stretched out to wrap ‘round your mind
Evil’s tongue quivers in your ear then recoils in fear
Failing to frazzle your stout and resilient hive
Track Name: Valley of Restrain
Fire melting your brain
You gotta put it out
Thoughts just like a bad taste
You gotta spit ‘em out
Delusions seek to deprave
You better snuff them out
Seduction makes you her slave
And now you’re bowing down

Sauntering through the valley of restrain…

Keep a blade at your thighs
And recite your vows
For the beast that glowers inside
Is salivating gaping mouth
Come away from the door
And kill the lights
Surrender may have its rewards
Until you’re signing your demise

Sauntering through the valley of restrain…

When the sun begins to bleed
Will you beg bite kick or flee
Or will you just sing

Sauntering through the valley of restrain…
Track Name: Naked Eyes, Deluded Minds
Sorry son
You don’t belong
The lies they’ve spun
Will leave you


Sorry son
You don’t belong
You fought but they won
Now raise your flag

And crumble…

Naked eyes
Try to compromise
With deluded minds


City mundane
Why won’t you rain
Flood out every stain
That keeps me


Where’s your head
Did you bury it again
Smell their poison- wake up
Give birth to your inner self

Oh solid solitude
I am safe in your rule
No perception skewed
Can distract me from

Track Name: The Girl Without a Face
Cleverly concealed
Spin 'round those eyes
Describe what you find
Every lie revealed
Raped of all rights
Lost and deprived
Left alone to heal
Child traumatised
Cast out from the light
A mask that starts to peel
Triggering her ploy
To sabotage and destroy

Her heart it never breaks
She just runs away

Spreading like a germ
Enclosed in a frame
Identity chained
Not even she discerns
Mind in a maze
Chameleon's slave
Induced into her words
No one remains
Within her refrain
A tongue that sounds absurd
To earnest ears of ignorance
Her motive is blurred

This girl don't know her place
She just runs away

Hold on
Measure your haste lover
It'll drill you down to your grave
Is that where you really want to spend your days

Heaven help her now
Sways with the trees
Jesus hold her down
Cloaked with defeat
Split at the seams
Cumbrous crown of doubt
Journal of dreams
Washed out to sea
And I tried to pull her out
The hounds they claimed her soul
From under my nose

The girl without a face
Who just runs away
Composed with all her pain
She just runs away
Track Name: Turn Your Back
Are you indestructible
Or is this just a dream
That makes you so intangible
And so hard to believe

Cloaked man no identity
Warned me of disease
But blind with foolish ignorance
And this poison chemistry

Pointless paths cross over
Trailing mystery
To unveil the inevitable

And it's so sad
How we wait for things to go bad
Well I guess sometimes it's best
Just to turn your back

Are you irresistible
Or are you even there
Emotions manifesting
From loneliness and despair
Track Name: 11:11pm
Forget what you see darling
These eyes only project deceit
But you won't
No you won't

It’s a sin I will repeat darling
From the depths of anxiety
But you won't
No you won't

And I will let you down over and over

I’m blood-shot high baby
You don't even know this game
But you will
Oh you will

There’s a war inside my brain
You don't even know this pain
But you will
I promise you will

And I will let you down you over and over

I’m changing my sheets girl
These ones smell of someone else
But don't fret
She’s just a memory that just won't rest

And I will let you down you over and over
I will break you over and over

Dark are the caves
That exists within the corners of my mind
That you won't ever find

And I will let you down you over and over
Forget it now
It’s over…